Work Experience Interview: Flora

9 March 2022

Last month, we were joined for a week in the office by Flora who was completing her year 10 work experience. She enjoyed her time with us so much, she has joined as a new member of our Youth Ambassadors. Before she left, she answered a few questions about her music interests and her work experience time with us.

What’s your favourite music?
My favourite music is classical music.

Do you have a musical background?
I started to learn different instruments when I was 5 years old, for example violin, clarinet, guitar and piano.

Why did you choose Newham Music for your work experience placement?
I’ve chosen Newham music because I love music and like to explore different things about music so Newham Music is one of the best options that I can experience.

What do you think you want to do after you finish school?
After I finish school I want to work in Newham Music and make music in my spare time because I like the working atmosphere of the company and how they are all trying and doing the best for the Newham Music’s teacher and students.

What was your favourite thing about your week with NM?
My favourite thing about my work in Newham Music [was sending] certificates to all the teachers.

Was there anything you learned during your placement that surprised you?
What I learned during work experience is that I’m shy to share with people what I think.

Give us three words to sum up your week with NM.
– outstanding
– worthy
– upright

If you’re interested in work experience placement at Newham Music, feel free to get in touch on

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